Niall Espen

Is this love?

My fangs bear down on themselves,

The collapsing of my chest.

Silent screams fill my lungs,

telling me of the pain and consequence.

A pounding heart filled with passion,

only one does it see.

Conflict arises within, love's flame fights with the rising tide.

Shadows cast. Will light show the caged bird and,

the smoldering brilliant blue flame?

Each whisper spoken, I try again without ease.

Each failed attempt, I hear echo back.

I call out, and I see that old brick wall.

Tears boiling over, and the sound of cracking metal.

I sit sullen in a corner resting my corpse like a rag doll with dark, sunken, bleeding eyes.

My mouth sewn tightly with black thread, and silver needle.

I can sense your presence,

and yet I cannot feel your touch.

Mi corazon, the pain and pleasure of loving you;

hidden behind stone cold blue eyes away from view.

Don't be fooled by the glossy glaze,

there is an unyielding soul, a fighting spirit, inside.

In your presence, revealed is it, tamed is it.

Please, my love,

set the caged bird free, teach it to fly once more.