Niall Espen

The Modern Husband

> The path from you extending,

> I could not see its course —

> or the closer to you I was getting,

> the further from you I’d walked.

> For I was moving in a circle,

> not a line as I had thought —

> the steps I took away from you,

> were taking me towards.

> (Second Chances, Lang Leav)

Hugh wasn't one to take dares, lightly, and today, he was asked for the one dare that had him reeling on the years that he had spent with his best friend. He had never expected that during their dares, Curtis would ever say those words to him, "I double dare you to kiss me."

The sly smile on Curtis's face saying that he was chicken if he didn't do it. Hugh had thought Curtis would never see kissing him, or any man, as appealing. Uncertainty and frustration crossed Hugh’s mind as he chewed his lip, eyes flicking around his apartment. A loud thunk sounded next to Hugh's head, and he gasped, lightly, as Curtis closed the distance between them with that beautiful gaze that Hugh loved, dearly.

Looking up into those grey eyes, Hugh counted himself lucky that he was living on his own, now. He hadn't realized how badly he had missed Curtis, and by the look on his face, it seemed Curtis had missed him, far more than he anticipated. Hugh grabbed at Curtis's shirt, and tugged him into a French kiss that he hoped Curtis would never forget. An exhilaration pumped through Hugh as the kiss stretched into a make-out session that was leaving both men breathless as they crashed through the apartment locked together in growing desire, searching for a place where they could get down to what they knew they wanted most.

It wasn't long before the two lip-locked men found their way to a recliner, and with a swift shove, breaking the make-out session, Hugh sat there, gulping in all the air that he could get. "But... Curtis... I... I--" Curtis pressed his thumb against Hugh's succulently delicate lips. Curtis felt he could almost mistake them for flower petals.

"I didn't know, either, until you left. That was when I realized that I had fallen in love with you. I just couldn't bring myself to tell you right away because I was still trying to figure out how I had fallen in love with you." Curtis's grey eyes were scintillating as Hugh listened; Curtis’s thumb caressing his cheek, gently. Hugh’s heart thumped against his ribcage thinking about the looks that Curtis had given him over the last week, and all the others before. There was so much that he had over-looked with Curtis, and that he was only starting to realize about himself, now.

"Curt, I wish you had said something earlier. Even when you were helping me move back, you could have said something." Hugh reached up to touch Curtis, but the man met him halfway pulling his hand to his face. Curtis nuzzles into Hugh’s soft hand, sighing, then titled his head away, pulling Hugh’s hand down his chest before letting go to prop his hands against the back of the lounger.

"I didn't know how to say it, and I still don't." Curtis leaned into Hugh, and roughly nibbled on Hugh's neck taking time between rough nibbles to gently suckle the skin. Hugh bit his lip trying to hide his growing arousal. As he alternated between actions, Curtis whispered, "I really don't know how to explain the way that I feel except to show you."

Curtis unzipped Hugh's pants, pulling them down, slowly, as Curtis kicked off his shoes. Hugh kicked his shoes off, as well, realizing where things were headed. Both men couldn't help thinking about how crazy it all seemed, but that it all seemed so right. They had been best friends for years, but neither could explain how they had gotten to the point that they were at. Hugh, of course, was confused about it all, but he knew that he had left town without telling Curtis how he felt about him. So, as Hugh kicked his pants away, and unzipped Curtis's pants while he was busy trying to remove his own shirt, the words slipped out... "You know, I left town without telling you that I loved you. I thought it would seem too corny, and might upset you knowing that I left after I said those words. I actually thought you'd find someone while you were off in university. I thought we both would, and that this..." Again, Curtis interrupted him, this time with another French kiss.

"Damnnit, Hugh. You're such an asshole. All this time, you felt this way about me, and you never said a word." Curtis breathed, a strict, frustrated tone in his voice as he tried to control his urge to slap Hugh with his dick. Though, as he looked at the pale, scrawny man before him, that urge flared inside him and he went for it. Curtis yanked Hugh to the floor, and gave him a slap to the face with his dick.

"Take your shirt off..." Curtis commanded, breezily. Hugh unbuttoned his shirt, and tossed it aside; all-the-while Curtis was thinking about what he could do to Hugh that would make himself feel better, and get him worked up. Remembering his medical kit that he had left on Hugh's kitchen table and the rope that Hugh kept in his kitchen closet, Curtis almost broke out in a sprint as he went to grab the items leaving Hugh naked in the living room wondering what to do with himself, for a moment. When he thought about his options, Hugh gathered their combined clothes, and tossed them on a chair in the corner, then made himself comfortable by pulling his recliner up when he sat down in it. Hugh spread his legs, wide, as he started massaging his balls with his nimble fingers while his left hand began massaging his dick. His fingers worked long and hard as he thought about the things that Curtis might have planned. Though, he couldn't say for certain what that was; just thinking about the possibilities and working his dick and balls made him hard.

When Curtis silently walked back into the living room, he stopped when he saw Hugh pleasuring himself with his legs spread wide as if he were set-up in stir-ups. Curtis watched as Hugh's dick became hard, and the pressure built in his dick as he was forcing himself to restrain himself; yet it was becoming increasingly difficult. Curtis felt his cock smack against his abdomen, and had to berate himself when he subconsciously reached for it.

"Cur..tis." Hugh moaned, longing for the other male as he forced himself to let his cock become flaccid, then began the process, again. This time, it happened faster, Hugh's dick had become hard after only a few strokes, and Curtis realized that while Hugh was busy with his own pleasure, he could get his needles prepared; even if it were difficult for Curtis to control himself seeing Hugh already enjoying himself. Curtis moved across the room realizing that he was already dripping with semen.

"You're making me horny, Hugh. You're nothing but a naughty little boy. I think I'm going to have to punish you, severely." Curtis's voice was filled with lust, greed, and an ominous foreboding as he unlatched the medical kit. It was filled with test tubes, and needles. Curtis had opened the kit on the couch only a foot away from the recliner.

"What're you going to do to me?" Hugh cried out in pleasure as he continued stroking himself; his face flushing, embarrassed with himself, now, as he denied himself the pleasure of ejaculating. The sight of Curtis's strong, thick, wet dick was making it harder on him. Hugh could feel his cum building up as he watched Curtis pull a needle from the medical kit, and sling the rope over his shoulder, then turn to him with a devious expression on his face. He had set the needle down on the end table next to the recliner while he tied Hugh's wrists behind his back, and his ankles were bound to the sides of the recliner. Hugh struggled against Curtis's will, begging to be given release to ejaculate. A blight of worry hit Hugh, momentarily, hoping that Curtis didn’t have anything outrageous planned. Curtis's devious smile, and the glint in his eye didn't wear out as Hugh begged for release, though. Curtis's dick was overflowing with more semen as the begging continued; the load dripped all over Hugh, coating him, which made him whimper and writhe trying to give relief to the built up pressure in his own dick. Though, it wasn't working, the pressure just kept building, and it was getting unbearable as Curtis just kept watching, even stroking his own dick until he spewed. Then, as Hugh chewing on his lip and rubbing his cock against the recliner, too distracted, now, to pay attention to anything else; Curtis grabbed the needle, and injected it into Hugh's abdomen.

"Wh-what was that, Curtis?" Hearing the whimpered question from Hugh, Curtis knew that there was fear in his voice, and that it was only going to get better.

"It was a little serum that I worked on after I got out of university. It alters the male anatomy to allow for the pregnancy that the second needle brings about." Curtis pulled the needle form the medical kit, and without hesitation, injected Hugh with it. "Of course, it brings you to full term with octuplets in a matter of a few weeks." Going back to the medical kit, Curtis pulled the layer of needles out to reveal the vibrators underneath. Curtis pulled both out of the kit, and lay them on the couch next to the kit as he placed the layer of needles back into the kit, and re-latched one the kit’s latches. Picking the vibrators up, Curtis had a calmness on his face as he looked upon the other male who was writhing, and panting as his stomach was stretched. Hugh’s was forcing himself to restrain from cumming everywhere. His eyes glued to Curtis as he crept over, and snapped the recliner down. Curtis helped Hugh to the floor where he was laid on his left side, panting and groaning at the pain. It was then that Curtis turned the first vibrator on, and violently shoved it into Hugh's plump ass making him shudder, and moan, loudly. When Curtis turned the second on, Hugh begged him to stop, even simpering "no", repeatedly, as Curtis shoved the pulsating vibrator into Hugh's urethra making him gasp in pain and yet Hugh found himself moaning in inexplicable pleasure. Curtis untied Hugh’s ankles, smoothly, and without hesitation.

Pulling Hugh’s thighs into his big hands, Curtis got a good look at Hugh, and saw that he looked as if he were four months pregnant with triplets. Seeing the sight of Hugh in such pain and pleasure made Curtis so horny that he coated Hugh, yet again, and this time, Curtis kept oozing all over Hugh as if it were never going to end. Curtis shifted around Hugh, running his meaty erection along Curtis’s expanding body. Placing a foot on the recliner, and the other knee on the opposite arm; pushing himself into a standing position on the chair. Resting Hugh’s legs between his own, Curtis continued running his dick up Hugh’s body until he came to his head. A chuckle filled Curtis's throat as he put his hands on the wall, and his knees on either side of his head. Hugh, all-the-while, trying to grab Curtis's erect dick in his mouth, and when finally, he had, Hugh didn't let go. His lips wrapped around Curtis's dick, sucking the cum as violently as he felt his body being stretched to new, larger proportions. Each second passing sent coils of prickling pain through his hips, and abdomen. Then there’d be a moment of relief — a moment of pleasure.

As soon as Hugh felt Curtis shove his dick farther into his throat, Hugh sucked harder taking moments to allow Curtis to shift his dick inside his mouth. When pulling his dick from Hugh's mouth, Curtis heard the gasp that came from Hugh who's face flushed a lobster red, and was coated in sweat. Hugh's whole body was gleaming with sweat as his stomach stretched and spasmed forward. His stomach was looking more and more blimp-like, jutting towards Curtis like a mountain trying to pierce the sky. Curtis loved it, and gave a quick sigh as he let another load of his cum splash to Hugh's face.

Curtis decided that it was about time to allow Hugh to relieve himself because he was more than certain that he was clinging to a small hope that he wouldn’t ejaculate. Pulling back from the wall, Curtis kept Hugh between his legs. Curtis rubbed his meaty, but waning erection against his body, again. Removing the pulsating vibrator from Hugh's urethra, Curtis saw the drizzle from Hugh's stiff dick. As soon as Curtis saw the sight, he shoved the vibrator in his own urethra, and moved in to suck Hugh's sperm from his pleasure-deprived cock. Curtis sucked as hard as he could, and in no time felt the flow of the warm substance sliding into his mouth. When Curtis's mouth was full, he spat his mouthful onto Hugh's dick, gave his head a quick lick, lapped up the mess he’d made, and continued sucking Hugh's dick. Pumping his veiny flesh, and lifted Hugh's ass from the recliner, sucking hard until he had his fill. Then he rose to his feet, leaving Hugh where he lay on the recliner, and found the recliner’s mate. He searched for the remotes for the television, and when he found them, Curtis turned the television on. When he had found the perfect channel, Curtis sat there, proudly, masturbating as Hugh's belly continued to grow. Curtis fell asleep with ease when he finished.

It wasn't until Hugh's sixth hour that his stomach truly looked like a blimp. Curtis woke in the recliner, his dick still pulsating and throbbing from the vibrator. Curtis looked to Hugh who lay in a pool of cum, and sweat. Hugh's eyes had rolled back to look at the ceiling, and he tried to breathe as steady as possible, but he was already so worn out that he could barely even think about steadying his breath, let alone what it was like to breathe steady. Curtis stood up, and unlatched the medical kit, once more, and pulled another needle from the kit. He quickly administered it to Hugh, who breathlessly asked, "what was that? What're you doing, now?"

Curtis smiled, softly, as he spoke, "it'll help slow that belly down to the point that you can carry these precious darlings until their full term." Curtis roughly rubbed the blimp-like sphere that was Hugh's baby bump. Curtis pulled the vibrator from Hugh's ass with a squelching pop, tossing it to the floor, removed his own vibrator, and stuck his dick inside Hugh's ass. Hugh moaned as he felt Curtis's dick thrusting inside his ass; the feeling was foreign, but welcome. It eased into a glorious feeling, as the pain from his stomach being stretched subsided with each thrust that Curtis gave. Each bringing Hugh more pleasure than the last, and when it ended it, Hugh remained strapped on the recliner, blushing and panting, as Curtis moved to his own recliner where he continued to watch the television.

“What’s going to happen, now?” Hugh could feel the sweat on his skin cooling, giving him a slight chill.

“I’m going to move in, and help with your beautiful pregnancy. Then the kids,” Curtis smiled, deviously. “We’ll start it all over, again, when you’ve recovered. I don’t ever want you to be rid of me, and I want you to take everything that I have to give.”

Hugh’s face flushed a deeper lobster red. There was so much that he had to process that day; Curtis harboring the same feelings for him, his newfound pregnancy, the serums that brought on his pregnancy, and now, Curtis’s future plans. Hugh wasn’t a fan of them, even worried how well it would work out for them. Couldn’t they just adopted more kids, and find a way to roleplay this situation? Did Curtis feel the need to go as far as literally impregnating him?

Seeing the concern on Hugh’s face, Curtis swiftly positioned himself on top of Hugh. He lay his forehead against Hugh’s forehead, hands on either side of Hugh’s head, gentle blue eyes gleaming, “we don’t have to do this, again. Only as long as you’re comfortable with it, but for now, shall we marvel over your beauty?”

Hugh reached his lips up and kissed Curtis, pulling his lover to him as he rested his head against the chair. Curtis untied Hugh’s hands, freeing the pregnant man from his final restraints. Hugh reached down to feel the body that he had been forced upon him. He was shocked by the resistance that it gave him as he pressed his thumbs against his belly. More so shocking to him was what felt like a seam, as if his body was forced to stitch together a whole new patch of skin, and all the stretch marks that he felt were incredible. His body had done so much to accommodate the life within him, and there was more that he knew he couldn’t see or feel. Hugh flicked his eyes back to Curtis, and realized that he was watching him examine himself.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” Hugh asked.

“Now that I really take a look at it. I can see why you’d be excited to do this, again.”

“I wouldn’t mind trying it out for myself, either.”

“What would we do with all the kids, though?”

“There’s a farm outside of town —”

“We can’t do that!”

“Calm down, Hugh. I was going to suggest that we move there, after these kids are born, and live there. Work off the land, and send the kids to a good school. If any of the kids want to stay, and help us; I wouldn’t argue, myself.”

“That sounds too much like a storybook ending to be true.”

“Well, it’ll take some finessing, and work on my end, but that’s alright.”

“What am I supposed to do then? Shouldn’t we work as a team?”

For a moment, Curtis pulled away from Hugh, and gave it a thought. He’d known Hugh for a long time. They were both on the same science track in school, and hating to admit it to himself, Curtis knew that Hugh had been a huge influence on him, but was even brighter than he was in many regards. Albeit, Curtis also knew how naïve he could be. Hugh’s mother had even said how he was a hopeless dreamer. Could working with Hugh actually work? But did he have the courage to turn down Hugh’s help?

“I’ll need to examine you for the next few months, and get your feedback. Then I could definitely use some help tweaking my formulas.” Curtis smiled, “there were a few things that I had trouble working out, and I’d only trust you to help me finish it up.”

“Then what do I tell my boss? What about after we finish the formulas?”

“I’ve worked with her in the past. So, I’ll call her in the morning, and see about getting you transferred to my division. Then we’d be able to go about this without any worries. My coworkers know all about this project, and have been helping me along so far. They’ll be able to help us out the rest of the way, as well. Then after we finish the formula, we could find something else to make, or just stay at the farm to work off the land. We could even do both. Whatever we want, really.”

“What if she doesn’t want to transfer me? How could I go into work like this?”

“If it comes down to that, then we can cover it up as seasonal weight gain until I can convince her. That shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Seasonal weight gain? That’s how you plan on explaining this?” Hugh dug his hands into his belly, pushing his distended belly hard against Curtis.

“Whoa, there.” Curtis latched his hands around Hugh’s tense hands, “is there a better to explain it?”

Hugh pushed harder with his belly; Curtis tumbled back onto his feet, still latched onto Hugh’s hands, had pulled Hugh onto his feet, too. “Honestly, anyone would be able to tell that there’s something wrong with that explanation when they see how solid and big this is! I could put most women to shame with a baby bump this big. There has to be a better way to explain it, or some way to hide it.”

Curtis rubbed the nap of his neck, “do you have a large set of sweats? Something that’ll cover your belly?”

“Maybe, but I don’t think that’ll work.”

“It’ll do for a day, though, right?”


“Then we’ll head out, tomorrow, and get you a whole new wardrobe. Oversized sweaters, sweater vests, baggy pants, sweatpants; everything that you need.” Curtis kissed Hugh’s cheek, and pulled him into a hug. Hugh was like a small twig, even now, with a ballooned belly. Maybe, that would be the next thing that they worked on… Getting Hugh’s weight and muscle mass up, enough. It didn’t matter in Curtis’s mind whether it was fat or muscle that he put on; Hugh would always look good to him. His brunet hair reminded Curtis of a retriever chasing a stick, but those green eyes were the leaves still attached to the stick.

Pushing himself away from Curtis, Hugh hardened his gaze against him. “What if I don’t plan on going along with your plans? Would you move along to the next best thing, and leave me to deal with this? Or would you try to lock me up in your lab?”

Pushing hard against Curtis’s chest as he tried to pull Hugh into another hug, Hugh hardened his features in disgust against the idea that clicked, next, “or perhaps you’d go as far as killing me? After all, you went as far as impregnating me against my will, and for what? A science experiment that you could use to turn me into your fuck buddy for life?”

Curtis recoiled at the stinging blows, but he realized that he should’ve expected as much. No one could go through such drastic changes without being suspect of it all. And had he not been thinking of using Hugh further to help push the experiment along?

The beating in Curtis’s chest felt like the relentless verbal drilling that Hugh was giving him.

Raising a hand, firmly, pushing it roughly through his hair, Curtis snarled, “look, Hugh. I’ve never meant to hurt you in any way, now or in the future. I really do want to be with you; even raise a family with you and hopefully a big one. If you don’t want to be part of the experiment, then we can end your part in it after we deal with this pregnancy. Yes, the group will move on with someone new; a different pair, in fact. There’s no one that could replace you in my life.”

I love you, Hugh. I love you, and I only want to do this crazy shit with you.” Curtis tried to seem tough, as his ravenet hair shook and slipped into a disordered wave. Hugh’s lip quivered as it struck him that Curtis wasn’t lying. Curtis reached out his arms, and wrapped them around Hugh, softly at first. Then a little firmer as Curtis stilled himself, planting his resolve in his mind like it were a tree.

The next day, Curtis stuck to his word, and took Hugh to a mall out of town. They shopped for clothes that loosely fit Hugh, and even got some maternity wear. Curtis covered for Hugh, and played everything off as a joke; he would turn to apologize to Hugh, occasionally. They went through plenty of baby-shopping: cribs, clothes, changing stations, blankets, diapers, bottles, a pair of breast pumps. At the end of the day, they had amassed a heap of treasures.

Curtis watched Hugh with amusement as he helped him back into the apartment, carrying piles of bags in his arms. They trundled to a recliner; Curtis dropping the bags, gently, and helped Hugh into the recliner. Hugh glanced up into Curtis’s eyes, “you really are in this with me, aren’t you?”

Curtis smiled seeing the spark in Hugh’s eyes. There really wasn’t any way he could say no to Hugh. “I’m in it to win it.”

They spent the night combing through everything: plucking tags and stickers off clothes, blankets, towels, bottles, and pacifiers; unpacking furniture and setting it up while they washed the clothes and linens. When everything else was done, they turned their attention to the baby’s toys. Unpacking them, playing with them. Their laughter filled the apartment as they toiled and played; they talked about which toy would be the most popular.

It wasn’t long before they settled into a routine. Curtis checking Hugh’s vitals, and measurements in the morning, and again at night. Daily weigh-ins, and nightly physical exams preluding to some form of sensual or sexual fun. Work in the interim, which always seemed to go so slow, but it only bothered Hugh when his body was worn down by the aches and pains from the added weight. Yet, even those times had their perks. Curtis would pay close attention to him, and ease his discomfort as much as he could. Curtis went as far as to keep all the foods that Hugh was craving nearby in the office. Hugh appreciated how they could work together so naturally, and with as much balance as they had.

Curtis would lean back in his chair to peer over to Hugh who was nose-deep in his end of the work. Multiple textbooks propped up, open to various pages, while he squinted into a microscope, attempting to fully capture what he saw in a drawing. It was a primitive way to document what he was seeing, but the extra leg-work always showed in Hugh’s results. Curtis valued the extra effort when he was plunging into his end of the work; there were fewer mistakes made because Hugh saw what others would ignore or dismiss. He went so far as to double-check anything that he could against his resources, and even called on Curtis to have a look at interesting developments. The excitement and enthusiasm plastered on Hugh’s face was always adorable, but with his body filled out the way it was, it was almost sinful. Curtis barely kept himself in check from day to day with Hugh sitting so close, moaning whenever he leaned against his desk. The worst time of day for them both was during their lunchtime. Curtis would rue being able to watch Hugh as he would order his food. Hugh’s large belly grazing everything a foot in front of himself; often being pressed against the glass displays for the food, or the cooler door. Curtis was impressed that no one seemed to give Hugh much attention, aside from a few snide remarks, which Curtis took in stride. When they’d sit down, it was often in a corner of the cafeteria because Hugh liked to make a show of it for Curtis’s benefit. It was honestly his favourite show. The way that it all played out was brilliant. Hugh would place his tray down, quietly, as Curtis pulled his chair out. Hugh’s ass would pop out at him, slide across his hips, and genitals. Then a quick little jerk, close to a twerk, and Hugh would gyrate his hips back across Curtis’s lap before moving in to sit down in his chair. It was a shock that no one ever noticed their ritual, or relationship... Or how they’d disappear when they finished eating for some physical relief.

Though, Curtis always loved being in their office, and reaching an arm around Hugh’s waist to feel his baby bump, and breasts. It was always arousing to him to see how much Hugh would swell at his strokes. The only thing better was having the freedom to perform physical exams on Hugh, despite having an audience. Everyone involved was astounded by Hugh’s condition, and his ability to cope with it.

Four months into his pregnancy, Curtis noticed that Hugh had growth spurt; he had gotten taller, and his belly expanded as he had grown which allowed the babies room to grow.

Six months in, and Curtis wondered how they would hide Hugh’s further growth. He sat down with Hugh during his sixth month.

“We both know that we likely can’t keep hiding your state, especially when you’ve grown so much. So, I’d like to get us set up at the farm, completely, before you aren’t able to travel anymore. That means we’ll need to start working from home, and prepare for the births.” Curtis was looking shaggy from his focused drive, but it was obvious that his dedication to Hugh hadn’t been dulled.

“And what about our boss?”

“He knows about the experiment, as well. He was the one that signed off on it, but no one outside of our department knows about it. We want to keep it under the table until we’ve got the best handle on what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“And I’m the gineua pig that needs to be covered up, but how do you plan to do it?”

Curtis sighed. He didn’t want to react to Hugh’s idea of what he was in this experiment because he wasn’t far off the mark. Yet, Curtis liked to think that Hugh had a far larger part to play than mere guinea pig. “We’re going to use the age old excuse that you got a primo job offer, and jumped on the opportunity. If they push for more answers, we play dumb, and tell everyone that you didn’t go too much into the details. If no one believes that, I’m going to tell them that we’re spear-heading a new direction in our research, and want to keep it under wraps.”

Hugh took a moment to process the excuse, and finally let out an accepting sigh. “It isn’t airtight, but I guess it’s fine. That’ll just leave all our last minute things, right?”



Six years had passed, beautifully, for Curtis and Hugh; the kids had been born, were in school, the farm was yielding crops thanks to Hugh, and progress on Curtis’s formula had been steady. Together, they had refined it, and created several variations. Their work kept them preoccupied throughout their days and nights. They made sure to check that the health of their children was good, and there were no complications.

For them, it was a great set-up, and co-workers from their department were asking them if they would have children for them.

Hugh eyed Curtis from across the field. His body had changed drastically. From his sun-kissed and toned body to a rounded stomach, and well-endowed breasts. Curtis had decided to take his pregnancy slow. Extending the pregnancy from a few weeks to eighteen months. It had only been four months, but Hugh knew that Curtis was enjoying it, despite the discomfort. Curtis would often wander around the house and barn looking for attention. Today, Curtis was wandering the fields near Hugh, touting his pregnancy as if it were his dick on display. Hugh hung back in the field admiring the show, while he checked the crops, ready to swoop in to fuck Curtis if he got too close.

Watching Curtis creep closer from the corner of his eye, Hugh acted as if he didn’t see a thing. As Curtis crept closer, Hugh could see his curves better. His stomach had extended to the size of a large watermelon, his breasts were the size of basketballs; even his dick had grown to the size of a daikon radish. Curtis had decided to wear a jockstrap to contain his engorged dick, which prominently poked out from his mini-skirt. His breasts were barely contained, and pressed hard against his cut-off crop top with the words “Slutty Cow” stretched across them. Curtis had left his belly exposed, still wonderfully tanned. His belly button poked out, already, looking like a golf ball, and his linea nigra was beautifully cropped by his outfit.

When Curtis wrapped an arm around Hugh’s waist, Hugh chuckled, “you worked fast while I was out.”

“Well, it’s not often that we get to have moments like this to ourselves, anymore.” Slipping his hands along Hugh’s tightened body, Curtis could feel his dick straining against the soft, pliable cloth of his jockstrap. Curtis was in love with his hunky nerd, and how much they’d grown together. Life on the farm had been kind to them as they had raised their children, and continued with their experiment.

“We better enjoy this, then. I’ll have to get to the crops, soon, and we won’t want the kids to see our mess.”

Curtis hugged closer to Hugh’s strong back, running his softened hands down Hugh’s chiseled abs, hitting the waistband of his work sweats. Running his thumbs along the edge of the boxers peeking out from under Hugh’s sweats; Curtis nuzzled against Hugh’s back. His ass popped out, nudging his fertilized abdomen against Hugh’s ass; Curtis wedged his breasts hard against Hugh’s back, running them along Hugh’s spine. Swivelling and gyrating, Curtis played at Hugh’s elastic band like a hungry lioness stalking her prey. Curtis could feel Hugh shift in his arms to look at him, then Hugh’s hands were wrapping around his, pushing him to dive into his boxers. “No need to be so shy.”

Curtis blushed, when had Hugh become so brazen and confident? Curtis took a moment to evaluate Hugh before plunging further into his boxers. After their first fuck, Curtis noticed that Hugh was slung more like a bull, and it showed now as he felt the solid erection in his hands. Curtis felt himself heating up; his cock straining on his jockstrap and raising his skirt. Peering around Hugh’s elbow, Curtis’s jaw-dropped at the sight. It looked like the Lincoln memorial was taking a vacation in Hugh’s sweats. How could he have forgotten just how enormous Hugh’s cock had gotten?

“You should take a look at your own dick.” Hugh gave a confident and jovial smile over his broad shoulders.

“I can’t see it, Hugh. I haven’t been able to see it in months.”

“Well, it’s huge. About the same size as a daikon radish, I’d say. I’m even a bit jealous.”

“Don’t tease me.”

“I’m not.” Hugh turned, smoothly, to Curtis. One strong, and gentle hand was all it took to get Curtis to look him in the eye. There was love, and shame there. “I’m going to prove it to you.”

Hugh threw caution to the wind, and swept Curtis into his arms, thankful for all the work that made him strong enough to carry Curtis to the barn. Hugh lay him down gently on some hay, and pulled back to give Curtis a little strip show. Knocking off his work boots, sliding his worn shirt off, and snaking out of his sweats and boxers like a Chip and Dale dancer. Hugh gleaned a look at Curtis who was thoroughly enjoying the show, but there was still a hint of shame in his eyes. Without wasting a moment, Hugh swooped down on Curtis, almost ripping the skirt right off his body before biting the jockstrap and dragging it off Curtis’s dick. Curtis had gasped at the suddenness of it all, and shuddered at the feeling of Hugh’s teeth against his cock. Hugh reached up to Curtis, and gave him a lovingly tender kiss. “I should apologize for that scare, but I’m so giddy. I promise I’ll make it up to you, though.”

Another kiss, but this was heavily passionate. Immediate, but still intimate. Curtis didn’t mind being on the receiving end of all this attention. It was perfect. Even more so when Hugh’s balls lightly stroked his own, and then he felt Hugh’s hand bring their dicks into alignment to compare them. Curtis could feel his dick jerk, slightly, and spit up over both of their dicks, but stayed strong and tight in Hugh’s hand. Curtis could feel that Hugh was right. Hugh had tried to tell him, but now he could feel it for himself. His dick was a few inches bigger than Hugh’s own, and even meatier than it, too. Curtis could feel his breasts heave; his nipples felt tender and cold. His crop top was saturated, and taut. Passing a glance at Hugh, Curtis could see him getting into position to milk him like their dairy cattle.

Straddling Curtis’s hips, Hugh ripped the crop top, letting the fabric fall away. Curtis saw the greed in Hugh’s eyes as he ogled Curtis’s body. “I’d stare at you longer, but you need to be milked.”

Curtis gulped, breasts jiggled atop his belly, sliding down into his arm pits. Hugh snatched one in his hand before it slide completely off Curtis’s belly, kneading it like an udder, and clasped his hand around the other breast. Hugh’s warm lips latched onto Curtis’s kneaded breast, greedily suckling, while he kneaded the other breast. Hugh heaved Curtis onto his hips, letting everything fall into him, as he kneaded and suckled faster and harder. Curtis was breathing laboriously, moaning, and scrabbling to find his footing as his legs spasmed, lightly. Hugh chuckled, pulling at Curtis’s nipple with his teeth. Flexing his muscles, Hugh used his brawny arms to hoist Curtis up by his pelvis, “fuck me for a bit. It’ll help, and hopefully, shake extra milk loose for your farmer.”

‘Alright,” Curtis felt flustered following Hugh’s instructions. It was normally the opposite, but Curtis loved to see Hugh take charge. “What was it that happens next, again, farmer?”

Hugh peeked up from Curtis’s breasts, a charming smile, “breeding, my slutty cow.”

Running his hands over Curtis’s breasts, sliding along the curves of his sweaty abdomen, lingering long and enviously. Hugh could still remember what it was like being pregnant with the octuplets, and he missed it at times. It was a treat, though, to see Curtis with such an extravagant pregnancy. Eighteen months with triplets, extra milk production, and they’d used Hugh’s sperm. Hugh was almost two feet taller than Curtis, now, and had a larger frame, as well. Curtis had always seemed such a delicate young man even without this pregnancy changing him, despite his confidence and strength, even. With his belly, Curtis was vivaciously curvy, stunning, and femininely wily. The difference was as stark as night and day. Was I like that when I was pregnant? It seemed like I did nothing but shoot up like a bean sprout.

Curtis rocked his hips against Hugh’s rock solid body, slide his dick into place in Hugh’s ass. The pressure bringing Hugh back around; he relaxed and felt his sphincter clench onto Curtis’s dick. Slowly, and steadily, Hugh felt himself taking in Curtis’s dick after his sphincter relaxed. Latching back onto Curtis’s nipple, Hugh finished making a meal of it, before moving on to the next, and rocked in motion with Curtis. Hugh smirked seeing how Curtis rocked with such fervour, and a glint hit Hugh’s eye as Curtis moaned and simpered. Hugh could tell that Curtis was ready. With his thumb and index fingers, Hugh felt around his pant pocket for the condom that he usually kept on him. When he found it, Hugh elegantly tore the package open, and slide the condom on his dick. It had come with all the practice that he had putting one on Curtis. Tossing the empty pack, Hugh gave Curtis the time and help that he needed to have an orgasm. When Curtis painted the insides of Hugh’s ass, Curtis rolled Hugh onto his back, again, lined up his erection, and felt his dick ease into Curtis with slight resistance. There was a small, shuddering hitch in Curtis’s breathing. A sigh, and a groan as Hugh felt Curtis’s dick ease into his faux vagina, Hugh rocked harder, as Curtis rolled him on his side, and threw his leg onto his shoulder. Curtis changed pace with Hugh, slowing down to let him catch his breath. Curtis leaned into Hugh, who moaned, and clenched down on Curtis’s dick. Hugh rumbled in response, reaching out to rub Curtis’s rounded belly.

“I’ve always thought you were beautiful,” Hugh stroked Curtis’s belly, still rocking in time with him. Hugh’s eyes flicked to Curtis’s gleaming face, and moaned, “but you’ve become so much more.”

Curtis was flushed with sweat, but he could still tell that he was blushing. He would never describe himself as beautiful, but to hear it from Hugh was comforting. Rocking harder against Hugh, Curtis could feel his muscles working hard, but Hugh’s dick hit his sweet spot every time. Curtis panted, and moaned as Hugh worked his hips, gracefully. It was wonder that he hadn’t let Hugh top before. Maybe, it was for the better. Hugh had never looked this good, and he was entertaining to watch as he’d lean in to rub Curtis’s baby bump. Planting kisses as he rubbed Curtis’s slick, taut skin, Hugh wrapped his hand around Curtis’s dick.

A few fluid pumps, strokes, then a flick, and a smirk painted Hugh’s face as Curtis’s legs twitched. Curtis tensed his arms against the hay with a shuddering intake of breath. His breath was heavy as he looked to Hugh, “is it always going to be like this?”

“I hope so.”

“Stop staring, would you?” Curtis stuttered, before muttering, “you’ll make me cum early.”


Hugh watched Curtis pacing to the clattering sound of the crowd. It was sweet, and endearing to watch, after all the years they’d spent together. Fifteen years ago, it was Curtis who’d been the confident one with all the answers. He’d started to show signs of doubt, but it had been a difficult choice going public with the results of their experiments. Hugh knew that it could ruin their lives and careers. Yet, going public meant so much more, especially after the significant drop in population, and women’s fertility waning, as well. Studies had continued into the Female-Fertility crisis, but there more questions than ever, and even less action with no new solutions.

Curtis threw a glance over his shoulder at Hugh, “are we doing the right thing?”

Hugh shrugged, “too late to ask that question, now, I suppose,” then smiled as Curtis sighed, and melted into exasperation. Hugh smiled, knowingly, as he saw the anxiety that tugged at Curtis’ mind.

Hugh pulled him into a hug, as best as he could, their bellies and breasts making it awkward. Neither minded. They never minded because it usually always lead to sex. Looking at each other, now, they debated whether they had time to sneak off into a corner for a quickie to blow off steam. People flooded around them, while a woman called out how much time Curtis and Hugh had left until they went on — Fifteen minutes. Enough time for them to really have it out. Curtis smiled, stroked his heavily distended belly, and lightly knocked his into Hugh’s larger-than-life belly, playfully. Fluidly, Hugh pulled out his cell phone, set a timer for ten minutes, and they waddled off together to an empty little changing room. Hugh locked the door; Curtis pounced at him, and they fell against the door, heated. Their dicks ached against their maternity clothes, as they dug themselves free of all the cloth. Hugh had his dick free before Curtis, and helped Curtis slide free from his layers.

Curtis reared his ass up, and pushed himself against the wall. It wasn’t much of a view, but it’d have to do, as Hugh rolled a condom on his dick, and eased himself into Curtis’s ass. With a smooth motion, Hugh rolled a condom onto Curtis’s dick, as well. It wouldn’t do to make a mess in public. Not when they were on a schedule.

Hugh rocked his hips, steady and growing faster and harder with each thrust. Slowed, momentarily, listened to the passing footsteps, then hurried his thrusts. Curtis pumped his dick in opposition with Hugh’s thrusts. The labour of it drenched the pair in sweat; it almost pooled at their feet, and Hugh feared they might need a wardrobe change at the rate it was pouring off them. Their breath was hot and heady as they worked their heavily ladened bodies. Breasts heaved, even in their snug braziers; bare bellies undulating in the dim lighting. Few moans passed between the two as they worked their bodies, feverishly, to finish before that dreadful timer sounded, or someone found them fucking there in that changing room.

“Hey,” Hugh strained to speak through his laboured breaths, “when we’re done, here, I’d really like to fuck you in the pool, tonight.”

With a grunt, Curtis felt himself close in on an orgasm, “we’ll have to leave it until midnight. The kids will probably be giddy to hear how we did, and they won’t let us hang up until they’ve heard everything.”

“Even after they’ve seen it with their own eyes.” Hugh had slowed his thrusts, as he stared down at Curtis with starry eyes, “you’ve given me an amazing family, Curt.”

“It couldn’t have happened without you, remember?”

Hugh stopped thrusting, before hesitantly picking back up, again, faster and harder. Then took a deep, staggering breath. “I remember, and I really love the memories of you fucking me. I’m pretty fond of the time that you fucked me until I went into labour.”

Curtis gave his dick a tweak, and pinched the tip. Then Hugh wrapped his hands on Curtis’s hips, and gave a few strong, slow, lingering thrusts. Curtis gave out to an orgasm, and Hugh gave one last thrust before shuddering through his own orgasm.

They took a breath, separated, and cleaned up, quickly. The alarm sounded which startled them both. There was a silence between them, as they looked to one another. Then they chuckled, as Hugh turned the alarm off. Hugh wrapped his arms around Curtis in another embrace before he lead him out into the bustle of the convention.

Hugh eyed Curtis as they walked out on stage, and got themselves set up. Watching Curtis when he was pregnant would always be one of Hugh’s favourite things to do, and during their presentation; Curtis was flawless, still shining from their quickie. It helped to liven his passionate expressions, as he enraptured the audience.

They talked at length about their drug, answering questions with ease, and showing off the effects of the drug on their bodies. The crowd’s mixed reaction spoke volumes, but Hugh reminded Curtis that it would take time before things changed. Much like how they had to tend to their farm before it yielded results.

As they shuffled off for the night, Curtis heaved a sigh, and looked to Hugh, “I don’t think I’ve ever thanked you.”

“For what?”

“For not running out on me that first night, together, and for staying with me, all this time.”

Hugh huddled close to Curtis, as they shuffled on, and gave him a kiss on the forehead. “I really think I’ve gotten more than I’ve given.”

Curtis poked Hugh’s rounded belly, “you’re such a tease.”

“Well, if it’ll get me laid,” Hugh cupped his hand around Curtis’s voluptuous ass, sliding his fingers between his thighs, and whispered, “then I’ll tease you, all my life.”

Curtis made a small strangled sound, “not in such a public place. What if I cum in my good pants?”

“I’ll just have to clean you up, and make you cum, again, just for me.”

Curtis blushed, wrapped an arm around Hugh’s back, and leaned into him. If this was a dream, Curtis wanted to live this dream until the very end.